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Sense Perception: The McGurk Effect
TOK prescribed titles May 2011
Linking Arts, Math, Perception and Emotions
Ethics Video on Utilitarianism and Categorical Imperative
Excellent TOK Videos (German)
Reflections on a TOK Presentation that made me think
When can we be absolutely certain that something is true?
Linking Questions: History and Ways of Knowing
Of Science, Math and Beauty
What are the four Ways of Knowing (WOKs)?
TOKTalk Reflections
Does Language Influence our View of the World?
Starting and Planning the TOK Essay
Theory-based TOK Syllabus
What are Knowledge Issues or Problems of Knowledge?
What is Logical Positivism?
What is the Title of this Episode?
How can Math be Right and Wrong at the Same Time?
Of Justified True Belief and the Snouters
TOK Essay Prescribed Titles – May 2010
The Egg of Columbus
What is the Age of Enlightenment?
Of Arts and Ethics
Is the Word “scientific” Overused?
What are Some Problems with Conspiracy Theories?
On the Purpose of Life
On Relativism and Constructivism
Six Jokes in Seven Minutes
TOK Essay Checklist
Newspaper Articles – Does Size Matter?
How Biased are History Books? Are They?
Of Ghost Traps and Wrist Watches
Three Different Types of Truth
The TOK Presentation – Possibility 2
The TOK Presentation – Possibility 1
Different types of knowledge
TOK Essay – The First Steps: Identifying Knowledge Issues
What is Knowledge?
TOK Essay Marking Critieria – Introduction
What is the “4-Ears Model” of Communication?
TOK Essay: Common Problems
What are Formal Systems?
What are the differences between Facts, Theories and Opinions?
What is Determinism?
What are Thought Experiments?
Why are Simpler Explanations Usually Better?
What is the Scientific Method?
What is Falsification?
What is the Observer Effect?
What are Ethical Dilemmas?
What is the Mpemba Effect?

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