Excellent TOK Videos (German)

Here is a recommendation of several 15 minute videos (in German) with direct TOK relevancy.

I would like to recommend the following videos for the TOK course. They are in German, and if you happen to understand this language, then I think you should watch them, because they directly address TOK topics, especially relating to the Area of Knowledge Science.

The videos (each one 15 min. long) can be seen online, but it is not possible to download them. You may need to install RealPlayer. The show alpha-Centauri was produced by the Bayrischer Rundfunk (Bavarian Broadcasting) and was also aired on television. The host of the show, Prof. Harald Lesch, is an Astrophysicist and Philosopher and works at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (LMU).

Woher wissen wir das alles? (From where do we know it all?)
Topics covered: This is a bit like an introduction into the philosophy of science. The host discusses the falsification of scientific theories, problems of communicating theories to the public and characteristics of a good theory.
Link to video

War die Mondlangund echt? (Was the moon landing real?)
Topics covered: In this episode, Harald Lesch strongly criticizes conspiracy theories, and the conspiracy theory relating to the moon landing in particular. He debunks the conspiracy theory (that the moon landing never happened) by presenting scientific evidence.
Link to video

Können Physiker die Welt erklären? (Can physicists explain the world?)
Topics covered: This is one of my favorite ones. His conclusion is that physics (and the natural sciences in general) can not explain the world, because a system “can not be explained out of itself”. You have to go beyond the system (outside of the system) in order to be able to explain it. The sciences deliver a structured system of describing nature, but are not intended to investigate issues such as purpose. The sciences can explain events by using natural laws, but can not explain why these laws exist in the first place. Science can explain how the world functions but not ultimately why it functions the way it does. His conclusion is, that the ultimate explanation of the world is philosophical, even theological in nature, but not physical (remember, Harald Lesch is an astrophysicist!)
Link to video

Was ist Radosophie? (What is Cyclosophy?)
Topics covered: This episode relates to math. It is a criticism on numerology. Some mathematical formulas give impressive results, even though there is no deeper meaning in the formula. It is possible to calculate the distance earth-sun (and other physical values, such as the gravitation constant etc.) by inserting values of a “Dutch bicycle” into simple math formulas. The values include the diameter of the wheels, of the lamp etc. Evidently the designers of the bicycle had a deep understanding of the structure of the cosmos, he concludes jokingly.
Link to video

If you have any relevant (English) video resources that you want to share, please post them into the comments section.

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