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  1. M.ROLF

    God it makes me think , I love it.. I have shared to my students in class . I face a lot of questions from them .This is great . Thanks a lot

  2. Rosaline Horowitz

    Thank you for this detailed and informative site – I will refer my students to it.

  3. Fabrice Vanegas

    Dear Mr. Kim,
    Thanks for this website, you have created an awesome resource. My TOK students and I thank you for it. You were recommended by another International School teacher (also in Thailand) that spoke very highly of your blog – rightfully so!
    Please continue to be a beacon of TOKness.

  4. Lawrence

    Wow! what an incredible TOK resources site you have set up for everyone-it is awesome, and I want to thank you for your kindness, and for being such a generous person! I really do enjoy ToK as a teacher, examiner, and as a learner too-there’s so much I learn as I teach it-and the students are awesome too-so full of knowledge and understanding, and ready to contribute!

  5. Cara

    Dear Mr Kim,

    Thank you for this blog. It is a wonderful resource and has been very helpful and thought-provoking.

  6. Eric T. MacKnight

    Hello! You’ve been tagged by the English 9A class blog ( ) for creating a great school blog. If you’d like to pass on the favour by tagging one or more other worthy blogs, the instructions can be found here: Congratulations! Keep up the great work!

  7. Gladys Ipanaque

    Thank you for sharing. I find your work very enlightning.

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